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Together we have over 35 years of professional experience building relationships, promoting cultures of inclusivity and developing organizational talent that thrives and grows.  We believe in transforming ideas into action and action into impact.

Recognizing our mutual passion for people development, learning acquisition, and the power of diverse, engaging, and innovative organizational cultures we formed HALM Development.

Our name HALM is an acknowledgment and tribute to four inspirational and empowered women – our grandmothers. These four amazing women, Henrietta, Anne, Lucille and Martha were trailblazers who left a lasting imprint on our lives as well as the lives of all those they encountered. We carry forth not just their DNA - we carry forth their resiliency, compassion, wisdom and entrepreneurial spirit. 

It is for them that we founded HALM Development and dedicate ourselves to building a better tomorrow. One that humanizes the workplace where diversity, inclusion and innovation is embraced and valued and makes a positive difference on organizations and the people that drive them.

Jacque Holowaty

Co-Founder & Chief Experience Officer

Marlene Kincaid

Co-Founder & Chief Learning Officer





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Tel: 302-722-6246

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